Welcome to my about page! My name is Laia Sieraden, and I am a woman with many passions. I enjoy the experience of building and developing websites, but I also enjoy interacting with people more directly. I am a social soul at my core, and so being able to get out there and share things with the world helps to scratch that itch. Especially as I am the kind of person who loves to travel, whether it be by train or plane or car, and meet new people as I go!

On my blog, I like to share about my travels, tips, looks and more… In short, about my lifestyle! What you can find on my site? Fashion discoveries and tips, shopping lists, gift ideas for everyone, good places to eat, to go out but also to sleep, sports tips, playlists to motivate yourself but also good tips of all kinds with always a good mood! And that’s not all that is to come. Honestly, I refuse to tie myself down to one thing, one topic, one genre. Life is about experiencing so many different things, to simply let myself be bogged into one subject would be counterintuitive, wouldn’t it?

Why make a website at all though, you may be asking? Well, I love writing. It is one of the few things in life that consistently and constantly holds my attention. It’s an absolute joy. To be able to put something down, your thoughts, experience, and have it be able to be shared even after you’re gone, it is a beautiful thing to me. And so even the most mundane thing is a wondrous thing to write about. If you’re reading this and are on the fence about making your own blog, please take the dive. Even if you don’t end up finding it is for you, you at least have given it a try and know for sure.

Oh, but there I go again. I have a bad habit of going on tangents about the strangest things. Perhaps that’s also why I struggle to stick with one topic to talk about in my blogging? Oh well. In any case, that’s about it from me. Have a lovely day!