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4 Occupations that Mean Living Out of a Suitcase

Travel can be a leisure pursuit, something that we do as part of going on holiday, or a part of our occupation. By travel, I mean not just the daily commute but travel that involves visiting another country or taking a suitcase with overnight things inside. This article will look at occupations that involve living out of a suitcase.


Flight Attendant

A flight attendant sounds like a glamorous occupation but it also requires a lot of training and hard work to make it into the cabin. If you enjoy talking and taking care of people’s needs and desire to see something of the world, then it is worth all that training and sacrifice.

It can take about 8 years to become a flight attendant after leaving high school. This will include 4 years of education, 2 years of job experience, the waiting time concerning the application process, flight attendant training up to a maximum of 6 months,  and a probationary period of 6 months, before passing out.

Most countries will require a flight attendant to be about 18 to 21 and have obtained a bachelor’s degree before applying. The degrees that airlines will consider include those in travel, tourism, hospitality, or communication. It is also advantageous to have learned as many languages as you can to converse with passengers from different countries.


Teachers and Interpreters

Teaching English abroad is a very real possibility because companies like to hire native English speakers to teach the language. So, the opportunities are there if you would like to travel and see the world as well as earn money. As English teachers are so in demand, salaries are good. You will need to be prepared to live like a tourist until you settle into a place, though.

Translators will be involved in interpreting a whole manner of different languages at home and abroad. The more languages you can learn, the more useful and in-demand you can be as an interpreter. It is necessary to be able to speak and write down the languages, depending on the situation you will be faced with. Apart from English, the most popular of the languages used online are Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Indonesian, French, German, and Russian. It depends on the teaching opportunities, or business opportunities out there, as to which languages are the most useful to learn. Bear in mind that you will need time to learn the languages to be fluent in them. It is not just about recognizing the words but pronouncing them correctly. Audiotapes, textbooks, and portable digital translators can help. Also, you can take proper lessons in the subjects and having a professionally qualified teacher teach you the language.


Events Manager

Events happen all around the world, so there are plenty of positions for event managers globally. If you are very organized and like to travel, then managing events abroad might be for you. Not only do you now have to organize the event, but you also need to be able to organize yourself and what you need to take with you.

It may be more of a position for someone single who does not have a family to worry about back home, but then that time away from each other can also be healthy for a relationship and have you value it more.



Anyone in the army, navy, or the airforce, will get to see the world. You will learn skills as part of your training in how to groom and look after yourself and your kit. You have to bear in mind that it will take some adjustment when it comes to reverting to civilian life. The travel will be in military groups and organized for you, so this can be considered different from when you have to manage your suitcase entirely by yourself with little guidance on knowing what you should take with you.


So, some reasons to know about travel and packing a suitcase here. A flight attendant will need to know how to pack a suitcase just like the passengers they are looking after on the flight. There will also be opportunities to travel if you like teaching English or languages. There is plenty of work abroad for interpreters. Events managers operate all around the world and so there are international opportunities in this sector. Particularly with regards to music concerts. Also, soldiers will see countries that they are sent to by the military to train and patrol in. To add to this, there is the international business person who may be sent abroad by their employer for a business meeting or the scientist who goes abroad perhaps a few times a year for a scientific conference. You never know when you might need your suitcase packed. It might not just be because you have a holiday planned.








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