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5 Ways to Cope with Travel Sickness

Travel sickness is enough to put us off wanting to travel but there are ways that we can combat it. This article will explore some of them so that we may feel more confident and happier when we travel. Our family members and friends will be glad that we are going to make a happier companion when we travel alongside them from now onwards.

Reduce Motion

One way to reduce travel sickness is to reduce motion. By sitting, for example, in the front of a car, or the middle of a boat, you will be easing your motion sickness. As position can matter, do not be afraid to ask others that do not suffer from travel sickness if they can move position for you. They will, after all, benefit too when you are not sick in their company.


Also, in terms of position, you should ideally look straight ahead and fix your eyes on a point in the horizon. This is known to help with easing travel sickness. You should get yourself in an airy place that means you can breathe fresh air. So, if you are on a ship, breathe in the fresh air above deck. If you are in a car, open the car window and have plenty of ventilation. Do you be the one in the middle of the back seat sandwiched by two people who are restricting your movement and breathing? You should also ask the driver if they will make regular stops so that you can get some fresh air.

When you are on a train, do your best not to end up the one who is facing backwards, as this will not be good for travel sickness. Also, you will have a better view facing forward. So, if you are booking tickets in advance, make sure that they will mean you are sat in the right direction. If you are in a family group, you can work out this for yourselves and move around, depending on who is worst affected by travel sickness from experience. It may be worth spreading out between other seats on the train if it is not too packed and possible to do this.

Breathing Techniques

A good technique when it comes to travel sickness is to close your eyes and take slow death breaths while focusing on your breathing. This has been known to help. You should certainly make sure, as mentioned above, that you are breathing in enough clean and pure air. So, have the vents open in a car, make sure that air conditioning systems are running. Do not be afraid to ask the driver or the tour guide to consider your needs.


Eating light snacks, such as crackers, will ease nausea. Foods that are likely to make your travel sickness worse are those that are considered heavy or greasy. Acidic foods should also be avoided. This is because all of these sorts of foods are slow for our metabolism to digest. It is wise to plan and avoid ending up in a situation where your only options to eat are fast food stops. Instead, either pack a lunch or be prepared or search online first where the various eateries are in the direction that you are heading. Also, if you need some medical alternatives, you can look into options such as marijuana for nausea and other products that may help in reducing nausea while traveling.

Foods with strong smells are likely to bring on nausea when you travel, so these kinds of foods should be eliminated where travel is concerned. You could also consider bringing along something like CBD/THC gumdrops or lollipops (click here to learn more about them) with you, as these could help reduce nausea. And in case you are planning to carry foods with strong smells, it would be best to think of your fellow travelers too, even if you don’t experience too much travel sickness.

Avoid drinking alcohol before you travel. A driver will, of course, already be adhering to this, but a passenger ought to think about it too if they are to travel well.


If all else fails, then you can purchase tablets to help with travel sickness when the symptoms are nausea and vomiting. OTC medicines can be bought over the counter for this purpose. Bismuth subsalicylate, an active ingredient of OTC medicines, will help with upset stomachs.

In conclusion, there is much that we can do to help us cope with travel sickness. We just need to find the method that works best for us. Perhaps a combination of the above will work best and allow us to start enjoying travel like we never have before.

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