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Climb Every Mountain, Visit Every Ocean

One of the things that we like to do on holiday is to explore. We can do this by visiting different countries and continents and admiring their natural beauty. Those adventurous among us will scale mountains for the achievement or go on long hikes of endurance. Those into water sports will enjoy diving or riding the crest of a wave. So, for variety, we will examine here what there is to enjoy and experience on land and at sea at the world’s most popular holiday destinations.


Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

If you are into exploring and hiking, then there can be no place better to add to your travel list than this ancient city which is located in the Andes Mountains in Peru. The trek represents an adventure in itself. It will involve four days of hiking that will be at altitudes up to 4,200m. You do not have to go it alone. For support, you can book your Inca Trail as an arranged tour. During it, you can also experience activities such as zip-lining and paddle-boarding. So, this has to be considered the ultimate adventure holiday.


Whale Watching

There can be no better way of enjoying the oceans than to go whale watching. You can take in the beauty of the waters while watching the activities of the whales in their natural environment.

Here is a list of the different types of whales you can observe in the different locations:

Azores – blue, bearded, fin, humpback, orca, sei, short-finned pilot, sperm.

Baja, California, Mexico – blue, Bryde’s, fin, grey, humpback, minke, sperm.

Columbia – Humpback.

Dominica – false killer, humpback, melon head, pygmy sperm, short-finned pilot, sperm.

Iceland – blue, humpback, mink, sei, sperm.

Quebec, Canada – beluga, blue, fin, humpback, minke.

Scotland – fin, humpback, minke, orca, sperm.

South Island, New Zealand – blue, humpback, orca, southern right, sperm.

Sri Lanka – blue, Bryde’s, humpback, sperm.

Tonga – humpback, sperm.

Vancouver Island, Canada – grey, humpback, minke, orca.

Western Cape, South Africa – Bryde’s, humpback, southern right.

So, many places to choose from to pick a site for whale watching, covering different continents and oceans. At the same time as observing whales, you will be able to see other wildlife, too, making for a fascinating ocean adventure and holiday of a lifetime.


Helicopter Ride Over the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and a ride over the Grand Canyon is a must for those who also like an adventure. You can book a tour from Las Vegas to the South Rim, which will be well worth it for the sights it will provide. If you have never been on a holiday then you have that experience to enjoy as well as the magnificent views.

There are many different tours of the Grand Canyon to choose from, depending on which part you want to see, but you can be sure that each one will be spectacular. Apart from the rocks, you have the white-water rapids of the Colorado River to see below.

The Grand Canyon National Park, to give you an idea of the scale, is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. It is 10 miles across and a mile deep. It is a wonderful place to explore down below, too, because it is full of hidden caves.

Once you’ve seen all that the Grand Canyon has to offer from above, you can hike on one of the hundreds of available trails that cover the national park. They vary in difficulty so be sure to research which route is best for your ability. You will also need to take more equipment for the harder trails so be sure to go to Bass Pro Shops to find what you need before your trip. If you’re worried about the price of the equipment then you can find loads of coupons on the internet that can help reduce the amount you spend. It is crucial that you buy and take the right equipment with you because you don’t want to get lost or stranded in the middle of the canyon.

From a geologist’s point of view, Arizona’s Grand Canyon is a natural rock formation. It is distinguishable by its bands of red rock. They reveal millions of years of history.

In conclusion, we can hike to explore the land, go whale watching to explore the sea, or take a helicopter ride to see it all. Activity holidays have all this to offer. We just need to decide on the location of our next holiday based on how adventurous we want to be.

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