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3 Holiday Destinations Known for Water Sports

Holidays serve two purposes – they relax us and they provide us with something that is fun to do. The latter can be considered adventure holidays. Many of these holidays will take us to resorts that offer water sports. That is to be the focus of this article, thinking about the best places to holiday because they are known for their water sports.

Key Largo, Florida (Scuba Diving)

The “diving capital of the world” is considered by many to be Key Largo in Monroe County, Florida. In Key Largo, which takes its name from the Cayo Largo which is Spanish for “long key”, novices and experienced divers alike will find the sights breathtaking.

Diving underwater in this location you will come across coral reefs, sunken ships, and statues.

Key Largo residents have been into marine conservation since 1960 when John Pennekamp Coral State Park came into being. Following in 1975, there was the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary.

Enjoy the diving but respect your environment. Coral can be damaged by the lightest touch, so you should avoid standing on or touching coral, as beautiful as it is. Also, in Florida, it is illegal to harvest coral and you should not feed the fish because it affects their natural feeding.

The difference between diving and scuba diving is how deep you go into the water. Scuba diving will, with the aid of breathing apparatus, allow you to breathe comfortably while you are underwater. You can immerse yourself completely, which will allow you to explore close-up structures such as coral reefs. There is a whole universe to explore under the sea, and Key Largo is a great place to do it. And, if you don’t have your own equipment, don’t worry – there will be plenty available for hire, as well as wetsuits of all sizes (including plus size wetsuits), for your underwater adventures.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia (Snorkelling)

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best places in the world to go snorkelling. The intriguing coral and the marine life make for a spectacular sight.

The Great Barrier Reef consists of 2,900 individual coral cays or reefs. It is situated 1,400 miles off Queensland’s shoreline. It is home to around a thousand species of fish and six species of sea turtle. These all inhabit the reef. Make the best of seeing it because scientists are predicting that warming waters are resulting in the bleaching of the coral and so it could become extinct in as little as 30 years. Perhaps as soon as 2050. This is one of many reasons why we should be doing all we can to protect our planet from global warming. You cannot rival natural beauty and the Great Barrier Reef certainly has this to offer.

As a year-round destination, The Great Barrier Reef can be experienced on a boat tour that will allow you to visit the various locations from a basecamp in Port Douglas or Cairns. If you want to experience this but also want to see other parts of Australia, you may have to extend your vacation to include a few more areas and take a look at some apartments warrnambool to give you a great experience on your holiday.

The main difference between snorkelling and scuba diving is that snorkelling will only allow you to swim on the water’s surfaces, whereas scuba diving allows you to descend deeper into the sea or ocean. In other words, snorkellers will see their views from the surface of the water. Snorkellers will be equipped with a diving mask and breathing tube that is shaped and known as a snorkel. The activity is considered a popular recreational one in tropical holiday resorts. And so, it is not just popular in Australia, but in San Diego, the city with pristine beaches and zoos. Needless to say, tour packages like are quite famous among those visiting San Diego for water adventure.

Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii (Surfing)

Here suffers can experience the largest of waves. That is from the waters here, not necessarily those watching.

This awesome surfing location will have surfers feeling that they will never be good enough to ride the crest of its waves.

This is the island where surfing was developed and has one of the world’s heaviest waves that will scale more than six metres off the shallow base of the razor-blade table reef.

Hawaii’s Pipeline is a surfer’s dream destination and the one all surfers want to visit as soon as they can.

So, with three different locations and three different water sports on offer to holidaymakers, you can choose from scuba diving in Florida, Snorkelling in Australia, and Surfing in Hawaii. It all depends on whether you prefer the surface of the water or to go deeper and explore what the ocean’s depths have for us to discover.

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