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Five Things to Do Before a Long Haul Flight

Here is how to time travel back in time before you have to make an important decision and initiate a long haul flight.

The worst part of long haul flights is not the actual flying…it’s the getting there. We all know the feeling of being rushed through the airport and being held in cramped seats for hours on end.

What is a long haul flight?

A long haul flight is one that takes you on a plane for a long period of time. A long haul flight is an experience that will always stay with you. It’s more than just the airline and the journey itself – it’s also about your fellow passengers, your crew members, the aircraft itself, and the whole experience of being on a plane for that amount of time.

A long haul flight or long-distance flight is a type of long-haul transport, which means that the aircraft takes a longer period to reach its destination.

Long haul flights are used by airlines that want to ensure that the schedule for the passengers is not disrupted due to any reason.

The most common long haul flight problems

Long-haul flights are notoriously uncomfortable. People tend to fall sick, sleep, or even have a different personal comfort level for longer than normal because of the long travel time.

One of the most common issues faced by travelers on long haul flights is jet lag. This is the condition that occurs due to the fact that your body is not used to the time zone it has been in for a long time. A lot of long haul flights are considered to be long haul flights because the flight is over 12 hours long. This may very well be the reason that those that can cover the charter private jet cost, actually opt for flying privately. Being able to fly 12+ hours in a luxurious environment, with unmatched comfort and service can massively appeal to those that dislike the drawbacks of commercial flights.

The most common long haul flight problems include:

1. Tiredness 2. Headaches 3. Earaches 4. Sleeping problems 5. Feeling hungry 6. Feeling thirsty 7. Feeling nauseated

How do you prepare for a long haul flight?

Take some time to prepare for the long haul flight. If you are ambitious and have a strong work ethic, you should be able to pull it off.

Every long haul flight seems to have its own unique set of stressors. Whether you are flying through non-English speaking countries, lost luggage, or facing the prospect of long layovers, there are certain things you can do to help you get through it. Here are important things to remember to get ready for your next long haul flight.

1. Pack Lightly – If you are planning a flight longer than 10 hours, you will need a carry-on bag. You would, of course, want to avoid checked luggage altogether, since it will be delayed and cost you more money. In case you are traveling with a baby or an infant, you must be extra careful about having your baby’s essential items with you.

2. Stay Hydrated – Yes, travel is great, but it shouldn’t be without a few precautions. First of all, make sure to stay hydrated! Research shows that about half of travelers experience dehydration on flights, which is very common and sometimes unavoidable. When you fly, the cabin pressure prevents you from getting a lot of the fluids you need, which can make you feel thirsty, dizzy, and even nauseous. If you are traveling by air, finding a way to stay hydrated is essential.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothing – There will be lots of people on a plane who will want to sleep during the flight, so it is essential that you wear comfortable clothing. It will be difficult for you to sleep if you are wearing clothes that are too tight and/or ill-fitting.

4. Eat Healthily – A long journey can wreak havoc on your body, and there are a number of things you need to take care of if you are traveling for a long time. You can eat well, drink lots of water and exercise to stay healthy and fit. Generally, you will be better off if your body is fueled by a diet rich in nutrients and energy-boosting vitamins and minerals.

5. Plan Ahead – When you plan to travel across the world for a long haul flight, you should consider a few things. First, you should always book your tickets at least 2 months before the date of your departure. It will then be easy for you to plan your itinerary, including the location of your hotel, your timing, and your route.


In conclusion, If you are going for a long haul flight, it is essential to plan ahead. You should be well-rested the night before, have a good breakfast, and arrive at the airport on time. As you are flying, remain hydrated, limit your alcohol intake, and give yourself some quiet time to unwind. These could all avoid extreme jet lags.


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