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Destinations Where You Can Enjoy Good Food

When we travel to different parts of the world we can add to the enjoyment by eating a variety of different foods that are not always familiar to us. Ones that are specific to certain parts of the world. For those of us that enjoy experimenting with their food and trying new things, then culinary delights will be top of your holiday menu when deciding where to go on vacation this year, restrictions permitting.

So, let us explore just which countries have food on offer to satisfy our palate and entice our tastebuds as we have perhaps never experienced it before.


If you love pizza back at home, then you will find it an appetizing experience dining on a Neapolitan pizza in Italy. Italian food, in general, is known for its zesty tomato sauces. You can also try their cheesy risottos and crispy fried meats at restaurants 32207 or ones in your neighborhood. Italian cuisine has become a crowd-pleaser and comfort food everywhere but there is nothing like experiencing it in Italy and soaking up the local atmosphere as well as the accompanying wine.

For specific places in Italy known for certain types of Italian food, here is a list:

Ciccheti (Venice)

Focaccia (Liguria)

Lasagna (Bologna)

Obssobuco all Milanese (Milan)

Panzanella (Tuscany)

Pizza Napoletana (Naples)

Spaghetti alla Carbonara (Rome)

Gelato is widespread throughout Italy.


In France, three foods are a must-try. Now, this might not be everyone’s pick or fancy, but escargot will mean that you are eating snails. They are considered a delicacy in France despite being a pest to gardens elsewhere in the world. Or am I just thinking about slugs? Anyway, bravery will get you everywhere in most things, so why not try it when eating?

For a sweeter tooth and something sugary, you could try macarons. A French macaron is meringue-based and made from egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, and some food colouring. It was thought to have been introduced to France by an Italian chef who cooked for Queen Catherine de Medici during the Renaissance period. Also, of course, France is known for its baguettes. These are defined as long, thin loaves of French bread. There is little to compare to tasting freshly baked bread while in France.


If you are a fan of olive oil, you will be a fan of Greek food. That is olive oil as in the food ingredient, not the cartoon character that is Popeye’s love interest. Anyway, moving forward, olive oil in Greece will be drizzled on food or soaked up by the bread. It is considered by locals as being as varied as wine in its many flavours.

Available in Greece is Spanakopita to get your tongue around. It seems that we cannot get away from Popeye (who fictionally eats spinach for the strength its iron provides) because this food is what makes spinach palatable by adding feta cheese to the mix and then covering it with flaky pastry. What is then not to love about this food as one of Greece’s culinary delights?

For another Greek food to eat while in Greece, you can try gyros. This is simply a pita bread sandwich consisting of roast meat and tzatziki. Tzatziki is a dip, sauce, or soup that is found in cuisines from Southeast Europe and the Middle East, so there are other places you will come across it too. It consists of salted yogurt that has been strained or diluted and then mixed with cucumber, garlic, and olive oil. It can also have vinegar, herbs like parsley, dill, or thyme, and lemon juice mixed in with it. It represents quite a combination for the tastebuds to experience and for you to experience enjoyment from eating while staying in Greece.

So, without even making it out of Europe, there are lots of foods that are worth venturing abroad for to experience them in the parts of the world where they are considered a local food or delicacy.

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