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Places Abroad Where We Can Just Relax

When we go abroad, sometimes all that we want to do is relax in the water. This can be done with a pool, or perhaps around one if it is a rectangular pool, or on a beach. There are lots of foreign resorts that have beaches attached. You can relax along a stretch of beach and choose whether or not to get involved in the watersports that might be going on around you. On offer can be surfing, sailing, snorkeling, and diving depending on what is suitable for the waters, and what your chosen resort has to offer.

So, it is now time to check out some beaches that are the best in the world for relaxing along.

Elafonisi Island, Greece

This Greek island can be found west of Crete. The island is 200m off the coast. It has been voted more than once as one of the most majestic of the world’s beaches. Its uniquely pink sand and amazingly clear blue-green waters are something you will not want to leave when it is time to venture home. You will want to lounge along the shoreline and think of paradise because there cannot be anything much closer to it.

After relaxing on this beach, you might decide that you want some adventure, so you can then go and enjoy a relaxing swim in its shallow lagoon that is positioned between the island and the mainland.

This is the place to be this summer, if at all possible.

Matira Beach, Bora Bora

Matira beach is the only beach in Bora Bora that has public access. It is a mile-long stretch of beach that consists of white sand and an emerald lagoon. It is truly like paradise because there are also palm trees. You will have tropical foliage as your backdrop.

When it comes to wanting to hydrate yourself, you will not have far to walk. There are numerous eateries scattered along the beach and all strategically and thoughtfully positioned so that you can enjoy the stunning sunsets.

In low tide, you can become more adventurous, if you have the energy after relaxing. There is the opportunity to swim out to the barrier reef. This is a popular tourist spot for snorkeling with stingrays and sharks. That would be something to talk about when you got back home. Also, of course, you will feel completely relaxed after a wonderful time at this beach.

El Nido, Philippines

El Nido is home to approximately 50 beaches. All of them consist of white sand for those who like to feel something soft beneath their feet. There are lots of fun things possible while enjoying the sun here that will help with your relaxation.

There are some dramatic limestone formations to admire, and blue waters to remind visitors how nice the climate is here. It, too, is known for its beautiful sunsets. So, if you are into photography as well as relaxing on holiday, you could always capture one of those, not to mention the rock formations and beauty of the area.

Something else to mention about El Nido is that it is considered to be under the radar. In other words, you will not be swamped with tourists and so be able to relax and enjoy the experience more. Tranquility is possible here. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy this holiday of a lifetime, that you have been talking about for some time.
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So, just three wonderfully relaxing beaches are mentioned here but there are lots more around the world for you to explore. It is worth checking out the online and high street travel agents to see just what deals are on offer now and in the future to these idyllic parts of the world.

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